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Analysis of Video Poker Situations Using Basic Math 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

If youre wanting to get better at video poker, then one of the best ways to do that once youve handled the basics is to learn how to do your own analysis of draws. Here were going to give you a method for performing analysis on hands with a single d   Read More>>

How to Kill Pontoon for Blackjack Players 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

Pontoon is a game that a lot of blackjack players end up trying at some point. If you want to really kill it, then you have to learn a different set of strategies than what youre normally used to with blackjack. Strategy in this game is based off of   Read More>>

Advanced Strategies for Killing Oasis Poker 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

Oasis Poker is one of the more complicated types of casino poker out there. There are two main decision points in this game, and while one of them is pretty straight-forward, the other is extremely difficult to play well. Our goal here is to give yo   Read More>>

How to Play Let It Ride With Expert-Level Precision 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

Let It Ride is a table poker game that has some elements of video poker in the sense that youre playing to try to place on a payout table. You place three bets of equal size, and then three cards are dealt. You have the option to pull back a bet. Th   Read More>>

The Fundamental Concepts Behind the Double Option in Blackjack 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

While hitting and standing are the two fundamental choices that you have to make in blackjack, doubling is the first of the atypical plays that people learn about. The idea is to take on a single hit while doubling the size of your payout. There are   Read More>>

Three Card Poker Strategy Made Quick, Simple and Easy 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

Three card poker is a game that you can find under a lot of different names, but the rules mostly stay the same, and almost every single online casino has it. If youre looking to get into table games or casino poker specifically, then this is a game   Read More>>

Quick Track Primer to Good Play at Let It Ride 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

Let It Ride is one of those games that a lot of players tend to shy away from because its such a tricky game to play correctly. It includes elements of both video poker and table poker. Essentially, you are forced to make one bet per hand with the o   Read More>>

The Four Rules to Follow for Expert Caribbean Stud Play 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

Caribbean Stud is often considered to be the most basic form of casino poker in the same way that Jacks or Better is considered to be the most basic type of video poker. Strategy is extremely important in both types of games, and here we want to giv   Read More>>

Three Casino Games That Seem Harder Than They Really Are 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

Theres something kind of interesting that happens when it comes to classic casino titles. A lot of these games are held in contrast to modern video slots, and in that light, they can seem much harder to learn how to play than they actually are. The    Read More>>

The Best Advice for Gamblers at All Games and Stakes 0 Comment(s)
Monday July 28,2014

A lot of the time we get caught up in the specifics of what were doing that we forget to pay attention to the fundamentals. The fundamentals are what they are because they happen to be the most basic and most important foundations of an activity. On   Read More>>

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